Q. Can I use my own trick shot balls/ping pong balls?

A. The short answer is 'no'. Our trick shot balls are specially designed by rocket scientists to perfectly fit in the "claw" of the Launcher. We'd hate to see you get frustrated by the ball always dropping out.

Q. When will the product ship?

A. Your Alley Hoopster kit will leave our warehouse in Wisconsin no later than 2 business days after you purchase.

Q. What's your return policy?

A. Just shoot us an email within 30 days of the order being placed, and we'll send you instructions to return the kit and refund your money.

Q. How much is shipping?

A. Shipping is FREE when you buy the full Alley Hoopster kit. If you just buy extra trick shot balls we charge a couple of bucks, depending on where you live.