Trick Shot Balls - 3 Ball Expansion Pack

Trick Shot Balls - 3 Ball Expansion Pack

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While the Alley Hoopster Kit already includes 3 trick shot balls, we understand that sometimes balls can get lost, broken or maybe you have an epic shot where you need 6 balls! (please send us a video if this is the reason!)

In any case, we offer a 3 ball expansion pack to get you right back to your "sick shot" trick shot creating. 

2 Reasons Alley Hoopster is so sick

The Launcher

This thing POPS, literally and figuratively. One of the hardest parts of a trick shot is dialing in the angle and force of your throw. The Launcher helps make that job a ton easier as you can use the force meter to make minor adjustments to the strenth of your shot while also quickly tweaking the point of release. Trick shots should be hard but they don't need to be soul crushing.

The Shot Booster

Have you ever wished you could change the angle or add a bit more force midway through one of your trick shots? Now you can with The Shot Booster. Have another hoopster strap on the handheld shot booster and become an active participant in the trick shot! Use its mobility to your advantage.

Are you the next trick shot superstar?

Once you've got your own kit, post sick shots to your favorite social channel using #alleyhoopster. Enter our tournaments for a chance to win cash prizes!

Behold The kit in all its glory

Everything you'll need to become the next trick shot superstar, all in one box!